Alexandru Gheorghe (24) was one of the Romanian participants during the Digital Youth Seminar.

Tom Vandries from Belgium (31) is a professional researcher and lecturer on the topic of digital media, media literacy and education, especially focused on youth at risk and youth with disabilities.

Lynn Huyghe (31) from Belgium was one of the participants at the Digital Youth Seminar. She works as a communication expert for the youth department of the city council of Antwerp. 

How can we use digital media to interact with youngsters?

Digital Youth is a seminar that wants to gather 23 youth workers from Belgium, UK, Finland and Romania in Louvain (Belgium).

In 6 days, the participants will exchange information and learn how to use digital media through expert workshops. The participants will also be actively involved in the conference on youngsters and new media 'Apestaartjaren'.


Digital Youth Seminar is a cooperation with Youth in Action (Erasmus+):