Digital Youth Seminar is an initiative of Mediaraven and LINC. Together they organise the Apestaartjaren conference.

Apestaartjaren is a conference about youngsters and new media. Every two years, Mediaraven and LINC conduct a study amongst youngsters on digital media. How digital are young people today? The results of the new study will be presented on the Apestaartjaren conference. There will also be lectures given by international speakers, debates and workshops.

Mediaraven is an organisation that works around digitial media with youngsters and youth workers. With their experience and expertise, Mediaraven encourages these youngsters and youth workers to experiment with digital media. Mediaraven wants to help develop media competences and medialiteracy, shares online information about or for the youth work sector and supports youth workers with digital media.

LINC works around reading, information and communication. They want to include as many people as possible in the knowledge society. To do so, LINC organises projects to advance reading skills and help people to familiarize with digital media. LINC wants to provide everyone with the tools and trust to be able to participate in the knowledge society.


These are the other partners of Digital Youth:

Mouth That Roars (UK) uses media literacy and film making as a way of engaging young people in active participation. Young people learn to review and critically analyse their worlds and others.

Mira Media (The Netherlands) is an expert on media and diversity. They strive for opinions and views of all groups in a multicurtural society to be heard.

Verke (Finland) aims to strengthen the competence and understanding of youth workers regarding online youth work, to construct information on online youth work and the online culture of young people.

ActiveWatch (Romania) is a human rights organisation and media watchdog that militates for over 20 years for free communication for public interest.