Alexandru Gheorghe (24) was one of the Romanian participants during the Digital Youth Seminar.

Tom Vandries from Belgium (31) is a professional researcher and lecturer on the topic of digital media, media literacy and education, especially focused on youth at risk and youth with disabilities.

Lynn Huyghe (31) from Belgium was one of the participants at the Digital Youth Seminar. She works as a communication expert for the youth department of the city council of Antwerp. 

During the Digital Youth Seminar we went to JES in Brussels. JES is a city lab for youngsters. At JES the participants learned all about the app 'Lomap'.

During the Digital Youth Seminar Ka-miller Reid (22) from the UK recommended the movie 'Cyberbully' to all the other participants. 

Karoliina Leisti (40) from Finland gave a workshop at the Digital Youth Seminar about tools and insights to set up a digital project for youth organisations. We've asked her about her 3 favourite tools every youthworker should use: 

Monday evening we visited the local youth service of Leuven for an exchange with local youth workers. One of the main topics of that evening was youth work for disadvantaged children. 

At the first day of the Digital Youth Seminar all participants introduced themselves and their organisations. One of them was Alina Mirea, 33 years old and from Romania.

We are in full preparation of the digital youth seminar and Apestaartjaren 6. Mailing, calling, chatting, discussing, researching. We don't want too much surprises in May.  

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