The 3 favourite tools of Karoliina Leisti

Karoliina Leisti (40) from Finland gave a workshop at the Digital Youth Seminar about tools and insights to set up a digital project for youth organisations. We've asked her about her 3 favourite tools every youthworker should use: 

1. iMovie

iMovie is an easy app everyone can use on an iPad or Macbook. With iMovie you can edit video's and upload them on different channels. Karoliina uses this tool all the time for all kind of themes. It's also easy to learn kids how to work with the app and edit their own movies.

2. iMotion

iMotion is according to Karoliina also a good tool for making animations. iMotion is a timelaps and stop motion app for iOS. It's very easy: you take pictures and edit them into a movie. Since a lot of schools have tablets it's easy to let the children discover stop motion videos.

3. Aurasma 

The last tool that Karoliina would recommend is Aurasma. With Aurasma you can easily make augmented reality. A normal picture can come to life by scanning it. You can connect links, videos or other media to pictures. In the video below you see an example of augmented reality.